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Canvas paintings replaced the old wooden plank painting which was time consuming, heavy and tough to maintain from cracks and humidity due to weather. Whereas canvas as lightweight and durable against the weather which made this unique cloth a preferred choice for the creation of a great piece of art.

Canvas has a characteristic of absorbing the painting materials used which may damage the medium, thus it makes canvas painting not very durable in the old days. It may a faded or damaged due to the paints. But the speciality of Tarang creative Modern art form had made use of techniques which made the painting durable showcasing the beauty for ages.

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About Canvas Painting

Canvas material referred to as an extremely durable woven fabric popularly known for widely used as a medium in painting. Modern canvas is usually made of cotton or linen unlike other cotton fabrics canvas is a lightweight material which makes it a preferred choice for portraits.

Canvas is the most common medium for oil paintings. Modern canvas is made from cotton, linen or synthetic material, the natural unprimed cotton canvas is an off-white color, the finer linen canvas is light brown.

While painting, the canvas is stretched over a wooden frame (stretcher bars), once the stretched canvas is placed, the artists give a smooth coat of white calcium sulfate, plaster of Paris, sealed with glue commonly known as gesso to avoid soaking up of paint in the canvas medium but some artists create a unique look in paintings with this 'staining'.

Canvas paintings are done using oil paints and acrylic paints. Linen canvas is a preferred choice of artists doing oil painting though it is costly compared to the cotton material. Acrylic painting is widely used in contemporary modern canvas art forms.