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About Glass Paintings

Glass Painting is a contemporary art which is a derived form of the old stained glass. In basic it’s a traditional art form using glass as a canvas for painting. It is an art form highly regarded with many varieties. Glass painting is also referred as stained glass or glass art.

Reverse Glass Painting was one of the forms of glass paintings previously followed. In reverse painting the image opts for painting is painted from the details to the base color, like painting the embellishment first and the base later. This kind of painting can be viewed only by turning over the other side of the glass.

The usage of glass in a traditional painting as a base like a canvas for painting is majorly transformed and developed from the time it has existed in style, purpose, and technique.

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Unique features of Glass Paintings

Like any other forms of art, glass painting was an important instrument of reflecting people’s history and culture. It is one of the most attractive art form with innumerable techniques followed. Glass painting gives the presence of a fairy-tale.

The significant uniqueness of glass painting that the beauty of the art amplifies when light passes through. Glass is one of the best mediums which can be used in the contemporary and abstract art.

The glass is sometimes replaced by OHP sheet in order to reduce the weight of the work. OHP sheet is used for transparent glass paintings and serves justice in replacing the glass with this material. OHP sheet is lighter, easier to work with and tension free of any damage or breakage

History of Glass Painting:

Historians cannot give a definite time when famous painting began. Traces of creating colored glass painting designs figures have been found in ancient cultures, such as Rome, Byzantium, China and throughout the middle Ages.

Many forms of art flourished in Persia during the Safavid Era; somewhere between the 16th and 18th centuries. One of the very prominent arts of the time was glass painting. The first prominent use of this art was when churches were built in the 10th century. Huge Glass Windows with painting were used in churches.

After World War II, there was a movement of expressionism for young artists. This movement called for more variety and exploration of artistic expressions using bottle glass painting. Glass art was no longer about huge glass windows depicting images. Interest in glass painting or glass art at the end of the 20th century was more about making it as a hobby. With the aid of new technology, different techniques emerged that is more focused on using easy glass paintings as home and office decorations.