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Looking for a best home decor product with an affordable cost? The choice is marble paintings. Marble painting adds a unique touch to your home or office, an original artifact carefully picked and polished marble tiles. These paintings are usually miniature paintings which are perfect decorative treasures which makes them perfect showpieces.

Marble is a natural stone with immense beauty and is available in a variety of colors, some of which are mainly used to impart a natural and rugged look to the artifacts. As the name suggests, marble is the main base on which the paintings made.

It has always been a favorite medium for creative artists with perfection and beauty; marble paintings encompass traditional as well as contemporary styles. These beautiful Marble statues, marble handicrafts and marble furnitures are perfect showpieces for enhancing the appeal of the interiors as well as the exteriors. Are available with or without gold and are made on the marble of different sizes and thickness. Marble paintings on tiles are quite famous.

Many of marble artifacts depict Lord Krishna and Radha wooing each other with beautiful love expressions. These are known for the artistic depiction of various love acts of the divine couple. The remarkable marble paintings are extensively used for decoration of interiors and exteriors. These paintings are produced by using water and oil paints. Excellent craftsmanship and talent are portrayed in almost every marble artifact. Meticulous efforts and endless patience turn a simple white colored marble into a rich artifact of immense cultural value and monetary value.

Unique Features of Marble Paintings

What the makers of a Marble art start from the marble base are prepared by coating the marble with a neutral color and sponged a couple of times for attaining the right effect. Then the images are drawn with excellent specificity.

This procedure is then followed by adding color and at times gold dust, gold leaves, jewels, and lacquer too. The colors used in the marble painting are made up of natural vegetables and mineral dyes. The use of gold, silver and precious stones is optional and depends upon the manufacturer or the buyer. The method of lacquer adds a permanent finish to the marble painting and enhances its life value.

The themes of Marble Art revolve especially around Lord Krishna with Radha. Other subjects like Mughal emperors and queens, jewelry, Indian musical instruments, pots, vases, statues, floral designs, royal palaces, etc. are also depicted in marble arts.

Marble Jewelry Painting is a painting of traditional jewelry on marble tile is done with pure gold leaf, colored semi-precious stones and silver was also used. Once the design is drawn on marble tile and embossed the gold leaf is pasted on it with an adhesive. Enamel colors and glass pieces were also used in some works to bring out the beauty in the art.

Likewise, Musical Instrument, Life figurines animals, etc. were also subjected to Marble paintings. Modern day modern paintings are a unique exemplary display of the skill. They make memorable and impressive gift items and decorative addition to give a royal look to a home or office.

History of Marble Paintings

Marble art originated in Rajasthan during the 16th century. The Royal family of Rajasthan Rajput Kings were patrons of any art forms. As there were many marble mines situated in and around Rajasthan the artists used the product which was available in abundant as a medium for painting. Art of painting on marble tiles also flourished during the Mughal period in India.

Like any other art forms, these paintings also depict the culture and lifestyle of the period. Although Marble had many varied hue like white, pink, gray and black, Usually Milky white marble was the preferred choice of the artisans.

Marble of Rajasthan as a stone is immensely beautiful today is used in some artifacts to give them a natural and rugged look used as a platform for art.