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Paintings - Silk painting

About Silk Painting

Silk Painting is an art form originated in china is as the name suggests its painting performed in silk fabric material as a medium. Silk paintings are very unique way to create a charming sense of aura in the impression of the painting. Silk art is diligently used as a canvas for portraits and paintings. The ancient art was once known as 'Bo' painting, referring to the white silk used as a surface medium.

Decorate your home or office with these impressive silk paintings from Tarangarts, these exclusively crafted artworks by our team of skilled silk painters are a great choice of home decor and gifting.

Compared to wood, stone or bamboo of the time silk was the ideal canvas for painting. It was luxurious and yet easy to cut to any desired shape and light to carry. Silk fabrics are very comfortable and flexible, famous for its luxurious look such as jacquard silk products. Skilled artisans using the process that allows the silk canvas to keep on “hold’ the paint in vibrant way which exhibits the details for the design. Silk drawing also had its drawback of being used in large paintings in ancient times due to its flexibility.

Silk paintings are blessed with their timeless appeal and their elegant style which adds up to the magnificent artifacts. The characteristics of these paintings usually depict the rich court life, epics etc. Silk paintings are classified as Mughal Paintings, Animal Paintings, Bird Paintings, Village Paintings and Religious Paintings etc.