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About Bastar Art

Bastar art or tribal art handicrafts from Chhattisgarh in India are one of the most famous and renowned tribal art form of India. The Bastar district specializes in preparation of items like Dhokra art Handicraft and Bastar Wooden and metal crafts.

Apart from contouring, wax wires are also used for decoration purpose and for giving a finishing touch to artifacts. The real genius and creative faculty of the artisans come into picture and thus make for some of the most wonderful pieces of art. Bastar art crafts can be found all over the world but the way in which the artisans carve the things by the impression of their sheer dexterity is worth watching.

This process calls for a great deal of precision and skill. The dhokra art crafts are prepared using cow dung, paddy husk and red soil in the preparation, beeswax being the most important one.

Why choosing Tarang Bastar Art

Tarangarts provides a wide variety of designs and styles in Dhokra Crafts/Arts inspired by the varied cultures make excellent decorative and home decor gifts article are ethnic in design and specific in patterns.

All Our dhokra art traditional crafts are 100% Eco-friendly. It stands a part in its performance projecting the present required awareness to ecologically friendly home decor products. It is a well-known fact that all tribal crafts are based by concept and by process, which does no harm to its heritage and environment.

The unique 13 stage process is the original creative instinct of the craft persons, which is a beautiful amalgamation of art and science. Dhokra artwork is done with hand without any advancement of technology.

Earlier craftsmen used to create only traditional ritualistic items and decorative pieces but now with new designs inputs, there has been a lot of product diversification, resulting in numerous innovative utility items in home decor like tribal art, door handles, lamp shades, hangers, boxes and caskets of different shapes and sizes. More than 10,000 unique old tradition and new design products are available right now and continuously increasing.