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Statues - Brass statue

Decorate your home or outdoor garden with Brass Idols, brass sculptures or brass statues online collections in small to large brass statues in addition to a huge variety of styles in high quality limited edition art decor like western brass sculptures to present century brass statues online made by high quality casting processes. FREE SHIPPING, Dispatch in 4 hours with good condition.

At Tarangarts we give you a variant of brass statues and bronze sculptures to meet your need. Brass Wall Hangings, brass oil deepa, brass mantaps and various God and Goddess Sculptures to help you in fulfilling your pooja and decorative needs.

About Brass Statues

Brass is an alloy combination of Copper and Zinc. It is a substitutional composite of both brass and brass incorporate little extents with different components of non-metal and metalloids.

Solid brass valuable properties and relative ease of production have made it one of the most widely used alloys. Artists value the metal’s aesthetic properties, as it can be produced in the range of colors from deep red to golden yellow. Its ability to retain strength when formed in desired shapes and forms makes it a preferred choice in casting.

Shop wide range of brass statues of Indian deities, ideal for your Pooja room it comes in all sizes also find Metal Sculpture for decorating your living spaces.