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Statues - Bronze statue

Decorate your home or outdoor garden with the collections from small to large bronze statues in addition to huge variety of styles in high quality limited edition art deco like western bronze sculptures to present century buy bronze sculptures online made by high quality casting processes. FREE SHIPPING

At TarangArts we give you variant of bronze idols to meet your need. Bronze Wall Hangings, Bronze Deepa, Bronze Mantaps and various God and Goddess Sculptures to help you on fulfilling your pooja and decorative needs. Our unique bronze sculptures are Crafted to perfection to provide a positive vibe and spread gracious makes it suitable for any temple or home altar.

About Bronze Sculpture

Bronze is the most popular metal for casting bronze sculptures and figurines. It is an alloy of copper with tin and other metals or non-metal and metalloids. Bronze statue has an unusual property of expanding slightly before regaining a shape and it tends to shrink a little once cooled down, thus it is being used for many generations for sculpture making. Bronze alloy strength and ductility it’s been a favorite choice of metal to cast sculptures in action.

Bronze Sculptures are subjected to religious and mythical creatures at the beginning and in modern days it’s being cast into sculptures for religious, political and decorative purposes.

Bronze statue and sculptures are well known to be used in temples since chola periods in south India. Bronze is used in massive sculptures as well as statues with minute decorative details in them. Well known for its durability to retain its structure for long makes bronze a preferred choice for sculptures in open display.