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Statues - Marble statues

About Marble Statues

Marble sculpting is an art of creating three dimensional forms in marble. Sculptures, Statues and marble art are one of the oldest of art form. One of the most popular materials used in stone sculpting art marble’s translucency and durability had made it preferred choice of medium for artists.

Much before Marble paintings the art of carving stones in caves started, this as a beginning artifacts have evolved to what we see today since ages. Marble sculpture and Statues carving has been in practice since ancient times as they’re not only tough and resistant but also display a good sense of style and classic art.

Marble sculptures has a distinct status in the world of art, Marble statues and sculptures also plays a major part in religious purposes as it is widely used in crafting deity idols and even many temple architecture word has evident of using marble stones.

Most of the temples in northern part of India have a lot of stone carving marble patterns and they house excellent marble statues and art works, the frames of doors and windows are carved in marble with floral patterns or more elaborate designs.

Why choosing Tarang Marble Statue

Marble is available in various colors due to the variety of minerals present in the marble like clay, sand, and silt. It is widely utilized as a building material, in monuments and sculptures, and in numerous other applications. Marbles sculpture are suitable for internal and external applications.

Marble sculpture is mainly utilized for home décor like outdoor sculpture, external walls, floor covering, decoration, stairs, and pavements. The technique of stone usage can influence the exposure severity. Marble is considered as the stone for the emperors and gods.

Select to decorate your home or office or garden with Tarangarts wide range of Marble Statues collection. Our sculptures and statues crafted with perfection are certain to give you an awe-struck experience.